Just the crust: Pizza chain offers customers their “favorite part of the pizza”

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Villa Italian Kitchen offers customers “just the crust”

Villa Italian Kitchen claims it knows why people order pizza: for the crust.

Starting on July 18th, the pizza chain is adding “Just the Crusts” on the menu. That includes an order of, you guessed it, pizza crusts in a cardboard box usually reserved for a full slice of pizza.

In a promotional photo, the new menu item looks like leftovers you might see after a family leaves the table after eating. However, the chain claims that’s “everyone’s favorite part of the pizza slice.”

“Just the Crusts” will set you back $2.75 and will only be available at participating locations.

Villa Italian Kitchen says they added “Just the Crusts” to the menu after “a record number of consumer inquiries” about what makes the crust so delicious.

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