September in Las Vegas is a great time to visit. For locals, it is normally the first break from the brutal desert sun. For visitors, it will still feel hot, just not the scorching, surface of the sun hot.

The average high for September in Las Vegas is 94 F, and the average low is 71 F. But like August, the temperature can still climb above 110 F. If fact, the record high temperature for Las Vegas in September was hit on Sept. 1, 1950, when it was 113 F. The record low temperature was set on Sept. 27, 1948, when it dropped to 45 F.

What is known as the monsoon season in Las Vegas continues throughout the month. This is the term used for large, localized desert storms that can dump enough rain quickly to cause flash flooding. The day we received a record rainfall was on Sept. 1, 2012, when 1.18 inches fell on the valley. Even this much can cause street flooding and dangerous flash flooding in low-lying areas of town.

The nights continue to get longer and the days shorter. Sunrise happens between 6:10 to 6:35 a.m. Sunset takes place between 7:10 to 6:25 p.m.

September Events

Two large music events highlight September in Las Vegas. The number of conventions and conferences begins to increase as relatively cooler temperatures set in.

  • iHeartRadio Music Festival
  • Life is Beautiful music and art festival
  • Mexican Independence Day
  • Oracle CloudWorld Las Vegas
  • PACK EXPO Las Vegas
  • International Baking Industry Expo

Hotel Rates

Deals on hotels can be found in January but you need to do your homework to find them. Las Vegas hotel rates are dynamic, meaning a rate can change daily and even hourly if demand increases or decreases. If you notice the rate for a room you already booked has dropped, call the hotel and ask for your rate to be matched. It’s not a guarantee, but like so much in Las Vegas, it doesn’t hurt to ask politely.

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