For many areas, February can be the coldest month of the year. For Las Vegas, it’s often when we get our first hint at the summer heat ahead. When it might be zero degrees in Minneapolis Las Vegas can be bathed in sunshine and temperatures reaching the 70s and even 80s.


The average high in Las Vegas in February is 66 F and the average low is 44 F. So if you are planning a February getaway or business trip in Las Vegas — bring layers.

There’s also a chance of high and low-temperature spikes — we are in the Mojave Desert after all. The record high for the month was set on Feb. 26, 1986, when it reached 87 F. The low record was on Feb. 7, 1989, at 16 F.

Rain and snow are possible

When it comes to rainy days — it’s not out of the question — but it’s nothing compared to other areas of the country. February is historically the wettest month of the year in Las Vegas, but with that said the average rainfall for the whole month is .69″.

And with 13 hours of darkness and cold desert nights, there is still a chance of snow falling in higher elevations of the Las Vegas valley.

Sunrise in February in Las Vegas happens around 6:30 a.m. and the sun sets around 5:15 p.m.

February Events

The second month of the year is when the number of events, trade and industry shows, and conventions increases. Among the major events that bring tens of thousands of people to the Strip are:

  • MAGIC Las Vegas – fashion
  • NAHB – National Association of Home Builders
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mardi Gras
  • Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – strip closures
  • ASD Market Week – buyers and sellers
  • NADA Show – the auto industry

Hotel Rates

Las Vegas hotel rates are dynamic, meaning a rate can change daily and even hourly if demand increases or decreases. If you notice the rate for a room you already booked has dropped, call the hotel and ask for your rate to be matched. It’s not a guarantee, but like so much in Las Vegas, it doesn’t hurt to ask politely.

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