Answer: Hot.

The weather in Las Vegas in August is hot. There’s almost no getting around it, you will be hot outside and possibly cold inside because of how powerful some air conditioners are, especially inside casinos.

The average high is 102 F and the average low is 79. However, near-record highs are seen yearly. The record high temperature in Las Vegas in August is 116 F which happened on Aug. 1, 1979. The record low temperature was hit on Aug. 3, 1957, when it dropped to 54 F.

August is mostly dry until it isn’t. If it rains in August it could be in the form of a large thunderstorm. This happened on Aug. 21, 1957, when 2.58 inches fell on the valley. While this might not sound like a lot to many, this is more than half of our annual average rainfall in one day.

Days are long but nights are getting shorter. Sunrise happens between 5:45 and 6:10 a.m. and the sun sets between 7:45 to 7:10 p.m.

August Events

August in Las Vegas is still all about the hot days outside at the pool and hot nights inside at the clubs (or shows). Conventions and conferences still take place in the August heat, but not as many as in cooler months.

  • MAGIC Las Vegas – clothing
  • ASD Market Week
  • Def Con – cyber networking, hacking

Hotel Rates

Deals on hotels can be found in January but you need to do your homework to find them. Las Vegas hotel rates are dynamic, meaning a rate can change daily and even hourly if demand increases or decreases. If you notice the rate for a room you already booked has dropped, call the hotel and ask for your rate to be matched. It’s not a guarantee, but like so much in Las Vegas, it doesn’t hurt to ask politely.

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