LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Blowing dust and wind along the north end of the Las Vegas Strip created visibility issues for drivers on Thursday evening and it continued to linger into Friday afternoon.

8 News Now’s Tedd Florendo tracks the air quality following the dust alert on Friday afternoon. (KLAS)

The Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability issued an air quality and dust alert for Friday due to the elevated levels of dust from high winds which caused unhealthy air quality. The dust alert is expected to continue through Friday evening.

Tedd Florendo tracks wind gusts across the Las Vegas valley Thursday evening. (KLAS)

Wind gusts of up to 45 mph were reported just before 10 p.m. Thursday. The view from a ride at the Stratosphere showed just how much visibility had decreased.

Blowing dust and wind reduced visibility near the Stratosphere on the north end of the Strip Thursday evening. (KLAS)

Another view from the Resorts World Las Vegas also showed just how much blowing dust and wind impacted the view from the north end of the Strip.

People with respiratory diseases should limit outdoor activities to cut down on the number of dust particles they breathe in.

Drivers are urged to use caution when driving due to low visibility.

The north end of Las Vegas Strip on Thursday, Sept. 9 as blowing dust and wind roll into the valley. (KLAS)

However, for those who have to work outside such as landscapers at First Choice Tree, President Tony Valenti said they have to plan in a different way.

“Every day when we wake up we check the weather reports or look outside which is a good indication,” said Valenti. “That’s why if you’re active at work and throwing a pick all day or climbing up and down trees you have to be very aware of your surroundings and work accordingly.”

Jessica Peralta runs Fit4Mom Las Vegas, her company offers outdoor fitness classes for mothers.

Peralta said she had a few moms cancel on Friday.

“With the dust today, we just kept class on the lower impact of things but still give moms the opportunity to exercise and get outdoors,” said Peralta.

Blowing dust creates haze across Las Vegas valley (Credit: Jessica Frosthoffer)

She also told 8 News Now she does move classes indoors at times instead of canceling sessions.

“We do have some partner venues and with very inclement weather we will move indoors but because of the stroller fitness, moms and kiddos love being outside and we try to take advantage of the entire use of the property,” added Peralta.

To protect yourself from the dust, limit time outside, keep your windows and doors closed, and also run your air conditioner inside your home and car to filter out particles.