Beware of heatstroke, exhaustion during the year’s first heat wave


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas is sweltering in the first heat wave of the year. The risk of heat exhaustion or stroke remains high and can happen to anyone.

“We really feel the effects,” parkgoer David Hawkinson told 8 News Now. “We’ve been drinking a lot more water, I would say.”

The splash pad at Centennial Hills Park is the perfect spot for families to cool off, and people like Hawkinson came prepared.

“My daughter is in, like, the sunscreen long-sleeve shirt and loose-fitting clothing, and water, water, water,” he said.

Parents like Eileen Eady say it’s better to be proactive because heat illnesses can happen at any time.

“The heat exhaustion sneaks up on you,” she said. “You think you’re just a little warm, or ‘oh, I’m nauseous, but it must be something I ate.’ And those things are all the warning signs.”

As temperatures heat up, it’s important to remember basic levels of protection, such as wearing a hat, putting on sunscreen and drinking lots of water.

“We’re most definitely planning on a long summer,” shared Samuel Scheller, a paramedic and CEO of Guardian Elite Medical Services.

He explains young kids and the elderly are especially prone to heat exhaustion and stroke.

Some exhaustion symptoms include heavy sweating, dizziness and nausea. Symptoms of heatstroke can include hot skin with no sweating, rapid pulse and confusion.

“The heat does not discriminate against anybody,” Scheller stressed. “If you’re out there in the heat for long amounts of time, you will feel the effects.”

Due to the pandemic forcing people to stay inside, he says it’s important for everyone to recondition themselves to the high temperatures.

“Taking your time out in the heat, going easy, maybe during the first couple weeks of summer heat wave, don’t spend too much time outside and really ease into it this summer,” Scheller urged.

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