Fire experts warn, prepare for the danger of summer brush fires


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents in the southwest valley are sharing their concerns after a brush fire put several homes in immediate danger Thursday night.

Fire experts call it an example of the dangers communities encounter in the valley’s hot, dry desert.

“I was very very shocked to hear that there was a fire so close,” Joanne Morton said of the blaze that broke out near her home, near Buffalo Drive and Hacienda Avenue.

No homes were damaged, but the flames came uncomfortably close, which left Morton a little uneasy.

“It’s summertime in Las Vegas,” Morton said. “Everybody needs to be very very careful.”

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Public Information Officer Tim Szymanski told 8 News Now these hotter season temperatures already bring a real risk, but The Fourth of July could mean more issues.

“The leading causes of brush fires this time of year will be the fireworks,” Szymanski said. “There is a lot of vegetation that’s out there that hasn’t been there in the past that dry up so it’s fuel for fires.”

Szymanski recommends making any home less of a target for fast moving flames. This involves cleaning up any weeds or dry brush around the property and always having a water source handy.

A “Straight & Stream” nozzle can also be attached to any garden hose, giving its water power a longer, wider range.

“Look at the situation,” Szymanski advised. “If you can’t take control of it, we want you to back away from the area and let us come in.”

As Las Vegas residents head through the sweltering heat, the most important message involves staying alert and ready to act in any emergency.

“Sparks can come and it doesn’t take much to ignite a grass fire,” Morton said. “Just be aware, just be aware.”

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