This is where the H-O-V road meets the crumb rubber asphalt.

From the “where did the time go” department, it was a month ago that the HOV lane on I-15 opened from Silverado Ranch to the Spaghetti Bowl – with the already-existing 95 HOV lane from the 15 west and northwest to Elkhorn joining it in going into 24/7 operation.

Viewer Leandra writes:

”The express lanes being replaced by hov lanes. how was this a solution? i’ve noticed that when there’s congestion, people with only 1 passenger take the hov lane and there seems to be no consequences!”

First, Leandra, my guess is that NDOT’s Tony Illia would have me point out that one of the two I-15 express lanes was returned to regular service, with the other becoming that new HOV lane. Secondly, we spoke frequently around May 20th about how the Nevada Highway Patrol was giving drivers a 30-day grace period before enforcing the 2-or-more passenger rule for cars using any HOV lane.

In fact, N-H-P trooper Jason Buratczuk wrote to me saying:

“Starting on June 20th, HOV lanes go live. Expect to see some additional troopers along the entire stretch of the HOV lanes monitoring traffic. Motorists who violate the rules will receive a citation. Nothing new. Las Vegas has had HOV lanes for over a decade. The “I didn’t know excuse will not work.”

The fine $250.

8NewsNow will be watching & reporting on how it all goes down not only tomorrow, but moving forward into the new HOV future, crumb-rubber asphalt or concrete.

Buckle up, drive carefully and put down that phone!

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