LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A look at the city’s “Most Dangerous Intersections” focuses today on the southeast valley.

Earlier this week, 8 News Now focused on driver and pedestrian behavior as contributing factors at Charleston and Rainbow as well as Sahara and Decatur. Sometimes, the intersection itself is a factor.

Three things can lead to confusion at Boulder Highway and Nellis. First, Boulder Highway is at an angle. Second, it’s actually part of a triangle with Boulder Highway, Nellis, and Flamingo. And third, there are pedestrians, oftentimes on motorized scooters.

“I call that intersection The Trifecta of Doom because it is so awful. You have signals that are timed only for pedestrians to get halfway across the street. And a lot of them don’t realize that. So they push the button, they wait for the green and they think to themselves, ‘Oh, no I have time, I pushed the button.’ So they keep walking when they were supposed to wait in the middle,” said Erin Breen, the director of the Road Equity Alliance.

That stop-in-the-middle-of-the-intersection thing might actually be new information for some pedestrians there.

As for Breen’s comment about the intersection being awful, she quickly pointed out that that entire area is on the Regional Transportation Commission’s reconfiguration drawing board as part of the larger Reimagine Boulder Highway project.

But in terms of dangerous intersections right now, The Trifecta of Doom deserves extra caution for drivers and pedestrians.

On Thursday, 8 News Now will take a look at an intersection in the southeast.