LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – You don’t have to imagine what’s it like riding your bicycle on a city street and getting zoomed by a motorcycle and a car racing each other right by you.

8NewsNow viewer Leonard shared video from his helmet camera, where you hear ’em before you see ’em – and you sure don’t see ’em very long.

In the video connected to this story, you can check it out one more time, with the video slowed down just a bit. Wow.

Leonard also included shots of having to veer out of the way of cars that apparently didn’t see him, and the difficulty of doing the right thing (not driving in a coned off lane) with cars coming right up on you.

Leonard says he sees a lot of inconsiderate drivers on the east side – particularly on charleston east of nellis. Folks, we don’t need any more ghost bikes – anywhere.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and, please put down that phone! When you write in to join the “driving you crazy” conversation, photos and video obviously help tell your story, but not taken while you’re driving!

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