LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Yet another viewer email about traffic signals – with the same solution for everyone.

Jill writes:

“The signal for the ramp from westbound Silverado Ranch to go south on I-15 is no longer synced. When you’re going west on Silverado Ranch at the freeway, you get stuck at the first light you come to. And by the time you get to the second light, the left turn signal has already turned red. You can’t make the green light, like you used to be able to. I see people running that 2nd red light all the time!”

Jill, the Regional Transportation Commission oversees thousands of traffic signals around southern nevada and while most of them work pretty well, the R-T-C knows some of them don’t. They encourage anyone with a problem like yours to reach out. Here’s their number: 702 901-8400.

No need to grab a pen or pencil to get that number. Just look for the online version of this story on our website, Click “Traffic,” then “Driving You Crazy.”

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