LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Try to wrap your head around it: the 95/515 freeway between the Spaghetti Bowl and Eastern could be destroyed in the next couple of years. You’ve still got time to weigh in.

There was a *ton* of information at last week’s public meeting on the ginormous freeway project known as NDOT/DAP – the Nevada Dept of Transpoirtation’s Downtown Access Project.

For now, I’m highlighting just one of the major suggested changes: NDOT wants to reconfigure getting on and off the 95/515 to and from I-15 by replacing the current ramps – like the north 95 to the south 15 – they want to put in collector/distributor lanes – like the ramp from southbound 95 to the south 15 that takes you alongside the freeway until you want to get on to the 15 at Charleston or Sahara.

They showed several videos at the public meeting including the reimagined ramp from the north 95 to the north 15, and the reimagined flyover from the north 95 to the south 15.

If and when this happens it’ll be just one of the many ways that in 2030 it might not be your grandpa’s 95/515.

The online version of the public meeting will be up for another couple of weeks, and if the 95/515 is your ride, I can’t urge you enough to check it out. CLICK – – – > HERE.

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