What’s Driving You Crazy? – Who’s got the right-of-way during U-turns?

Driving You Crazy

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – The straight-up skinny on flipping a u-ey.

Viewer Audrianna writes about a specific intersection, but her email applies anywhere u-turns are legal in Nevada:

Every time I make a U-turn from west to east on Blue Diamond at Rainbow, some drivers turning right onto Blue Diamond from northbound Rainbow keep going – even though I have the green light. Sometimes the u-turning drivers have to slam on their brakes in the middle of turning. I’ve almost rear-ended somebody. What is the law? Are people just being jerks?”

Well, Audrianna, I can’t answer the part about jerky drivers, but here’s someone who definitely knows the law:

“Morning, Nate. Trooper Travis Smaka here and I appreciate the question that your viewer had about the intersection at Blue Diamond and Rainbow. So today, I’m going to drive through that intersection, and we’ll kinda go over what the question was about. The vehicle that’s going westbound and has a green signal to make a u-turn is the vehicle that has the right of way. Any vehicle that’s making a right turn against a red signal must come to a full and complete stop and yield to oncoming traffic. I hope that clarifies things a little bit, and I’d just like to remind everyone to have a great morning and to drive safely. Thank you.”

Thank *you* Trooper Smaka, and thanks to Audrianna for writing in.

As the Trooper said: drive safely – and you know what *I* always say: PLEASE PUT DOWN THAT PHONE

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