LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – So, what was this we showed you yesterday? Something about a new Desert Inn bridge?

Whenever I hear “D-I” and “bridge” in the same sentence, I think of what’s technically known as the “D-I Super-Arterial” that goes over the 15 freeway.

Well, there was a ribbon-cutting for a different new Desert Inn bridge the other day.

County Commissioner Tick Segerblom:

“This was a major accomplishment because we had to cross the [Las Vegas] Wash. A lot of things happening here.”

County Commissioner Jim Gibson:

“It enables us to get all the way out to Hollywood. Because eventually the Hollywood extension will take us to Boulder Highway.”

Until now, you couldn’t go through D-I east of a street called Theme Road because of the Las Vegas Wash. Now the new bridge takes you there. You can even see The Strat way off in the distance, with both drivers and bicyclists enjoying the new Desert Inn bridge.

County Commissioners Segerblom and Gibson amongst the dignitaries at the ribbon-cutting on this $18-million project, which was a cooperative effort between the County, the City of Las Vegas and the Regional Transportation Commission, with benefits for the nearby Las Vegas Water Treatment Plant.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and please put down that phone!

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