LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Besides the professional racers, no one’s going to go 200mph around the roads that make up the Formula 1 track (you couldn’t even if you tried!).

In fact, because traffic in the track work area is such a slow grind . . . some impatient drivers are dipping into coned off areas – – only to realize their mistake and cut back in just a few cars ahead.

Viewer Jeff sent in some dashcam video, highlighted by his own commentary, saying things like:

“Look at this idiot! That is ridiculous, man.”

And as he kept recording he noticed danger ahead:

“See those construction crews down there? See ’em right there? Freaking out. Look at that! Look at that! They about got [bleeping] hit. There he goes . . .”

[The video is connected to this story]

As we’re learning, even after the race is over, the work to take all the Formula 1 stuff down may go on for weeks.

As awful as the drive on and around The Strip may still be, please remember that cones are there for a reason, and impatience is one of the worst things you can take with you.

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