What’s Driving You Crazy? – Wed. Jul. 25, 2018

Driving You Crazy

Shining a light on an important issue for all drivers. Jason writes:

“Please remind viewers to turn on their vehicle lights during their morning commute. Just because you see light in the sky at 5a.m., that does not mean that daytime driving conditions apply. Visibility on the ground is still fairly dark until the sun rises. It’s difficult for other motorists to see you without your lights being turned on.”

Jason, consider viewers reminded, and I hope you don’t mind my adding that thought to the other end of the day, as well. Yhe onset of dusk is a great time to turn the headlights on – even for newer cars that come equipped with daytime running lights. A quick refresher from the ol’ Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles handy-dandy Driver’s Handbook:

“Headlights are legally required from a half hour after sunset until a half hour before sunrise [and] when there is insufficient light.”

The handbook also says it’s ok to flash your headlights at an oncoming driver who doesn’t have their lights on. The hoax-checking website, Snopes, says “A warning about gang members driving around with their headlights off, then killing anyone who flashes them, is old and false.”

Thanks for writing, Jason.

For all of us: buckle up, drive carefully and put that phone down!

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