What’s Driving You Crazy? – Wed., April 3, 2019

Driving You Crazy

It’s a whole new ball game at i-15 & charleston.

After more than a month of work, the revamped on and off ramps for the northbound 15 and Charleston are up and running, and it may take some getting used to.

The old system of winding up down and around that some drivers never did figure out, well, that’s history.

A simplified map from the Project Neon folks kinda spells it out. Instead of 2 exits (one for east & one for west) onto Charleston, it’s now a combined exit that ends with a stoplight and turn lanes for whichever direction you’re heading. And access to the northbound 15 *from* Charleston is pretty much right there, no longer involving wiggle-wagging and confusion.

For anyone headed to the Premium Outlets, the County Government Center or further up Grand Central Pkwy, there’s no more waiting for the opportunity to race across traffic to a left turn lane. It’s also right there at the light.

One more thing related to Grand Central Pkwy: if that’s what you used to get to Alta/Bonneville, Project Neon says you have another option: there’s now a frontage road hugging next to the freeway that’ll take you right to Alta/Bonneville.

Buckle up, drive carefully and put down that phone!

If there’s something driving YOU crazy, send me an email: traffic8@lasvegasnow.com. Snail-mail works, too: 3228 Channel 8 Drive in Las Vegas, 89109

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