LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Quite a response to a viewer email the other day

You might have missed it when Patrick wrote that “the abundance of cars on the road with expired tags” is driving him crazy. Among the replies:

From “Dude” – There are probably as many vehicles with expired or no plate as there are covid cases in this town! I’m tired of being in the minority doing what they’re supposed to do and following laws!

From Anthony: Sounds like “viewers” need to be minding their business. Who emails to snitch on someone not having tags?

And from Todd: most also have no plates. That means no insurance. Tow ’em & fine ’em.

Law enforcement has said in the past that their priorities are on other crimes on our roads, but we’re checking to see if any have updated responses.

Thanks again to Patrick and to “Dude,” Anthony and Todd for writing. You’re welcome to weigh in, too.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and, please put down that phone

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