LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – An incredible response to the viewer email about wide open spaces between cars at stop lights. Viewer Bridget wanted to know why some drivers leave not one, not two, but sometimes 3 car lengths between them and the car in front of them at stop lights.

“What is going on??” she wrote.

When I asked for *your* input, boy did I get an inbox full. Most responses are along the lines of “one car length between cars is a safety precaution because I’ve been rear-ended before and don’t want to slam into the car in front of me. But two or three car lengths? That’s a bit much.”

There were some variations with really good comments, and I’ll be sharing those in our next report. Today I just wanted to say thanks for all your emails – and please stay extra safe on the roads today. There always seem to be more potential problems with drinking and driving on a holiday.

Buckle up, drive carefully and – please – PUT DOWN THAT PHONE!

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