LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – While Formula 1 road work has been getting most of the traffic attention these days, there’s another part of town that people have been talking about, too.

If you drive Durango around the 215 Southern Beltway, you know.

From the Ikea store north of the freeway to the nearly complete Durango Casino on the south side, there are plenty of orange cones to get under your skin.

We talked to a driver, Rico, who said:

“You have to add 15, 20 minutes to your commute time, especially if you know you’re going through a construction zone.”

He added:

“It doesn’t help when you have other drivers who don’t know how to drive through a construction zone.”

An anonymous driver has a strategy:

“I just avoid Durango in general.”

When he used to go through this area he noticed impatient drivers at traffic lights:

“If we’re waiting too long, they’ll cut into the side of this parking lot and cut through the back over here.”

If you don’t want to do what another anonymous driver suggests – “Leave Vegas!” – maybe listen to wise words from Rico:

“Get a good audio book. Listen to the radio. Take a deep breath and know it’s gonna take an extra 15, 20 minutes and put that into your daily mantra.”

That advice that might work for all of us.

While road work isn’t going anywhere, things *should* ease up around the Durango Casino when it opens later this month.

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