What’s Driving You Crazy? – The NHP isn’t letting crazy drivers drive *them* crazy

Driving You Crazy

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – The Nevada Highway Patrol puts their tweets where their dashcams are.

Troopers aren’t letting *some* people drive *them* crazy.

They just tweet about ’em.

And, man, were they busy over the Labor Day weekend – especially on the ride back to southern California. If you follow the NHP twitter account, I hope you don’t mind seeing these again. If you don’t follow them you should. And if you’re not on social media, I hope you enjoy the extra snark they were serving up. Like this:

“So apparently this person’s time is more valuable than everyone else’s because he was pulled over for using the shoulder as a travel lane.”


“Two more drivers whose time was too precious to sit in traffic. Good Springs Justice Court in Jean is lovely in the month of December. That’s the court dates that are being populated on the citations.”


“Got us a Georgia Peach driving in the shoulder, just kidding it’s a rental, you all know where the driver is from by now.”

Laying it on pretty thick on those Cali drivers. But the bottom line is safety as you can tell from this last NHP tweet:

“This is why you can’t drive in the shoulder. This tow truck driver was pulling into the shoulder and was hit by someone shoulder driving. No injuries were reported.” [see video clip above]

Kudos to the troopers because just about anyone who’s made that drive knows the frustration of seeing – I’ll go ahead and say it – idiot drivers thinking the shoulder is an ok place to drive.

Buckle up, drive carefully and – please – PUT DOWN THAT PHONE!

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