LAS VEGAS ( KTNV ) – A follow up to a Driving You Crazy email chain that started during the pandemic when I was broadcasting in my living room from the BowTieNate home studio:


“A mystery bridge at the 95 and Grand Teton. We got an email from viewer Patrick, who writes, ‘We live just off Oso Blanca and Grand Teton. Six years ago we were told a bridge was in the plans over 95 to Grand Teton on the east side of the freeway. Is this ever gonna happen?”

Fast forward to May of last year:

[FROM MAY 2021]

We got another email from viewer Debra who writes, “Do you have any idea when that bridge might be started, or finished – or if the project is just scrapped forever?”

In that same report the city updated: “The federal money to build the overpass is now available to begin the project but – they had to do an environmental study.

Fast forward to March of *this* year:


They are now hopeful that both the Nevada Dept of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration will sign off on required environmental studies in June.

That must’ve worked! Because even though a bridge connecting Grand Teton over the 95 is still nowhere to be found, our original emailer, Patrick, checked back in a couple of weeks ago: “The Grand Teton overpass at the 95 has finally started.”

The 8newsnow drone had to look closely, but, yes! The work is under way!

So, if the original 18-month work estimate is still good, the bridge might be open by early 2024, which would mark an even 10 years from when Patrick & his neighbors were first told about the project. Mystery *almost* solved. We’ll keep checking.

Patrick, Debra, and the City of Las Vegas – thanks for writing and staying on top of this.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and, please put down that phone.

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