What’s Driving You Crazy? – Speeders doing 100mph+

Driving You Crazy

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – What you think would be sobering speedometer readings apparently aren’t.

We hope you’ve heard about a tweet from the Nevada Highway Patrol over Memorial Day weekend.

It says troopers were patrolling the Primm to Jean stretch of I-15 and included six photos that they said were all taken in just about an hour. NHP says one of the vehicles they stopped had an unrestrained 1 year old child in it.

Let’s look at those six different vehicles caught and the speeds recorded. Across the top there’s a 109, a 113, and a 108. Across the bottom: 109, 112 and 107.

Whatever the traffic conditions – empty road? just a few cars? – there’s no legit reason to ever think those speeds are a good idea.

If this is something you can legit say would never ever be you, that’s great. We’ve got you convinced. I’ve got two points to make. First: how do we get to the people who *are* doing this who may or may not tune in to local news for these exact same stories over and over? Second: I *sure* hope showing these things doesn’t give anyone the crazy idea that this is some kind of contest. We have enough tragedy on our roads as it is. The idea is to keep spreading the word of how dumb and dangerous this is.

Triple digits on the thermometer? As we’re finding out once again this week: not much we can do about that. Triple digits on the speedometer? C’mon, people!

Buckle up, drive carefully and use your turn signal, which is even easier when you PUT DOWN THAT PHONE!

If there’s something that’s really driving YOU crazy, email me: traffic8@8newsnow.com.

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