LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A review of the rules when driving around schools.

First, the difference between a “School Zone” and a “School CROSSING Zone.”

A school zone is defined as sections of streets next to schools (generally a 15mph speed limit).

A school crossing zone is sections of streets not next to schools that pupils cross while following a designated walking route to school (generally a 25mph speed limit).

The fines for speeding in a school area are twice the amount of speeding in a non-school area.

So a $205 ticket for going 10mph over the limit in a non-school area would double to $410 ticket if the speeding occurred in a school zone.

And – Hey! Moms/dads/grandparents: every school zone is a “no u-turn” zone. And double parking is always a no-no. Those behaviors are even more dangerous when dropping off or picking up kids

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