NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV ( KLAS ) – A sign of progress at one of the Nevada Department of Transportation’s many ongoing projects.

While work is grinding along on “The Big Squeeze” along the 95/515 between the Spaghetti Bowl and Eastern, as well as the Centennial Bowl in the northwest, where the 95 meets the northern 215 beltway in the northwest, today we’re heading to the far northeast valley where the northern 215 beltway meets I-15.

This is NDOT’s “I-15 North Corridor” project that we like to call The Speedway Bowl. The first of what will be several flyover ramps opened last week, making a direct connection between southbound I-15 and westbound 215, replacing the clunky arrangement of stops signs and feelings of maybe being in no man’s land.

There’s still lots more work to be done on all these projects, but seeing progress is encouraging.

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