LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – The clock is ticking on the Nevada Dept of Transportation’s huge “Dropicana” project.

If you’re tired of hearing it from me, I hereby gladly hand it over to NDOT spokesman Justin Hopkins:

“Dropicana is going to involve taking down part of the Tropicana bridge over I-15. It’s going to include an 8-day of Tropicana in both directions. It’s also going to include a 3-day full closure of I-15 in both directions. [urgently] Tropicana closed for 8 straight days! I-15 down below closed for 3 straight days! So you either want to avoid this area, or you want to plan ahead! Learn how to get around all the traffic restrictions before you set out.”

The full closure of Trop doesn’t start until after the Golden Knights home game this coming Saturday night.

The full freeway closure is a week from Saturday, and we’ll for sure talk more about that. For now the only upcoming closure is still kind of a biggie: talking about the exit from the south 15 to both directions of Trop.

All the info you need is on NDOT’s i15/Trop app [click HERE].

And because this really is such a big deal for traffic, we’ve got other details ahead on air – like better alternate streets when trop is down, and NDOT’s recommendation for truck drivers to get around what are expected to be monster traffic tie ups during the 15 closure.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and – please put down that phone

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