LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Throwing some shade at wide open spaces between cars at stop lights. Literally.

In all my years of “Driving You Crazy” the only other topic that comes close to the responses about spaces between cars at stoplights has been outrage over cars with expired plates – or – scarier – *no* plates. And I still want to hear more from Metro Police about that. But here are just a few highlights from the dozens and dozens of emails about cars and distance and stop lights. Like motorcyclist Ron:

“The light turns RED and it’s time to read that text. I applaud them as they aren’t trying to read (or reply) as they drive. I may not wear a bowtie like you, but I always wear a helmet! (even in this heat).”

Then there’s Brad who looks at the financial implications:

“A car hits you from behind causing you to hit the person in front of you making you buy him a new car. Who knows if the guy that hit you has insurance to fix your car or your front person’s car? Do you have thousands of dollars to buy the guy in front a car and pay $70,000 for their medical bills?”

And finally – for now – Rob:

“It is all about waiting in the shade when possible! Under the hot sun, why not wait under an underpass? My vehicle stays cooler by 20 degrees! Buildings, trees, underpasses – any shade when it’s blazing away in temps like sitting in a furnace even with air conditioning!”