LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – The Nevada Dept of Transportation is going for fewer wrong-way drivers on Tropicana over I-15.

The confusing “Diverging Diamond” interchange was shut down for a night last week for more tweaks, including changing the angle of green traffic signal arrows from straight ahead to tilted to the left. And speaking of veering – or turning – left, another tweak is a new roadside sign on the off-ramp from north 15 to go west on Trop. NDOT spokesman Justin Hopkins says that particular ramp has seen some of the most confusion:

“It’s a counter-intuitive move, because normally, when you take a left, you would cross traffic. But, in this, we want want you to hug that left turn. And, if you’re going left, stay in the left.”

Hopkins says there could still be more overnight closures for whatever additional tweaks may or may not be needed. We’ve got all our Diverging Diamond stories online including the timing of the next complete freeway closure of I-15. Can you say “Dropicana 2.0?” Just go to our website, click “Traffic” then “Driving You Crazy.”

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