What’s Driving you Crazy? – More HOV lanes?

Driving You Crazy

Monday, March 8, 2021

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Another viewer question about H-O-V lanes

This one’s not about the Centennial Bowl area. Viewer Mac writes:

“There are HOV onramps on the NB and SB 515 east of the Spaghetti Bowl but no HOV lanes. Any plans to change that?”

Good catch on noticing those H-O-V freeway ramps, Mac, and the answer to your question is “yes” – there are plans to add H-O-V lanes to both directions of the 95/515 east of the Spaghetti Bowl. Just don’t expect them to show up any time soon.

We’ve mentioned the Nevada Dept of Transportation’s plan to modernize that part of the freeway. I urge you to check out their website, ndotdap.com (that stands for downtown access project).

They have an interactive map there that shows what the 95/515 looks like now. There are three different proposed designs – all of which include H-O-V lanes. The first proposal would essentially lower the freeway from its current configuration. The second would shift the freeway to the north, and the third moves it a little to the south.

There’s a lot more to the project, including permanently closing some streets in and just east of downtown las vegas. In fact, NDOT has a an event scheduled this afternoon to talk about that.

Thanks for writing in, Mac.

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