What’s Driving You Crazy? – Mon. May 14, 2018

Driving You Crazy

LAS VEGAS – A really big closure that no matter how many times we talk about it is still likely to lead to tangled up traffic in the Spaghetti Bowl. Plus, a happy ending follow up to a recent What’s Driving You Crazy segment

First, Project Neon isn’t calling the widening of I-15 from Sahara to the Spaghetti Bowl “The Main Event” for nothing. [like a boxing announcer] In this corner, the nearly billion dollar heavyweight construction project that’s about to completely take down US95 for the weekend. And in this corner, one of the biggest outdoor concert events in the country, the Electric Daisy Carnival. [back to regular voice] The Nevada Dept of Transportation says the complete closure of the 95 north and south at the I-15 interchange – the 2nd of 6 such closures before the project is over – has been planned for a long time, noting that the EDC is being held earlier this year than in years past. Upwards of 300,000 humans have been counted EDM-ing the nights away at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, so concertgoers – and everyone else on the roads in the area – need to anticipate the real possibility of big slowdowns. NDOT is quick to point out that all lanes of I-15 in both directions will be OPEN. Getting there may be another story, with on/off ramps at Charleston and Sahara south of the Spaghetti Bowl, and Washington/D St and Lake Mead north of it likely to see lots more traffic. This all starts at 10 Friday night with the 95 scheduled to reopen at 5 Monday morning. In the video, it says the closure starts at 9pm Friday, but the scheduled start time is, in fact, 10pm.

Following up on last week’s Driving You Crazy about inconsistent signage on I-11 heading into Boulder City: both signs now say Boulder City Parkway (after one originally caused some confusion by pointing to Boulder CIty Blvd

Expect many more reminders about the 95 weekend closure throughout the week.

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