What’s Driving You Crazy? – Mon., Feb. 25, 2019

Driving You Crazy

A question about driving in snow and rain

It may be a while before we have the kind of weather we had last week, but viewer Becky has a good question

”In Connecticut, where I got my driver’s license, it is the law that when you use your wipers (except when simple windshield washing), you must also turn your headlights on. Any such rule here?

Not as far as I can tell, specifically, Becky. Here’s some of the legal mumbo-jumbo from a couple of nevada’s laws. First: windshield wipers

”The wiper system shall be operated while the vehicle is being driven during conditions of rain, snow or other moisture which obstruct or reduce the driver’s clear view through the windshield.”

That must’ve been written by Capt. Obvious. But on headlights? Well, here you go: From the Nevada Revised Statutes NRS 484D.100 “When lighted lamps are required.” Section 1, subsection (b) ”[headlights should be used] At any . . . time when, because of insufficient light or UNFAVORABLE ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS, persons and vehicles on the highway are not clearly discernible at a distance of 1,000 feet ahead.”

Becky I think that’s as close as the Nevada law gets to saying you should put your headlights on when it’s raining or snowing without actually telling you that’s what you have to do. The preceding should not be taken as legal advice in any way shape or form. For any further questions, you should consult an attorney.

Buckle up, drive carefully and put down that phone!

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