What’s Driving You Crazy? – May 10, 2019

Driving You Crazy

All the talk about a new High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane on I-15 may be driving traffic anchor Nate Tannenbaum crazy

Fasten your seat-belts: Nate’s going into outer space!

Here’s the script to the video attached to this story:

What’s driving you crazy???

“H-O-V me up, Scotty”

These are the voyages of the traffic ship, Good-Day. Our 8NewsNow mission: to explore strange new HOV lanes. Traffic log, 051019: an HOV lane already exists on US95. There’s one coming may 20th to I-15, whether you like it or not.

First: NDOT has a simple HOV in-and-out point map that’s right here on this web page (click the video). Second: Maybe NDOT could have come up with something other than “closed” over the overhead sign. How about “not yet”? or “May 20th”? And one more photo shows that – as Tony Illia and NDOT have been saying – only *1* H-O-V lane on I-15. What had been the 2nd express lane will be in service for all traffic. Third: well, beam in again on monday for some of *your* commentary – and, boy, has there been plenty – as we – – Boldly HOV where no one has HOV’d before.

Buckle up, drive carefully and put down that communicator. uh. I mean phone!

If there’s something driving YOU crazy, send me an email: traffic8@lasvegasnow.com. Snail-mail works, too: 3228 Channel 8 Drive in Las Vegas, 89109

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