LITTLEFIELD, AZ ( KLAS ) – A Labor Day weekend travel question that’s got nothing to do with backed up I-15 traffic around Primm

Viewer Becky’s question is about the freeway in the other direction – on that little slice of Arizona between Nevada and Utah: “Will the 1-15 construction project south towards Mesquite still be down to one lane over the holiday?”

Ryan Harding from the Arizona Dept of Transportation answers: “The south half of the bridge is currently being rebuilt, so both directions of traffic are sharing the north half of the bridge with one lane in each direction. Once the south half of the bridge is rebuilt, traffic will shift to that side of the bridge while the north half is demolished and rebuilt. The whole project is set to be completed in the summer of 2024.”

Delays on the 15 through the Virgin River Gorge can be upwards of half an hour, so be prepared. Becky, if you happen to pull over in the small town of Littlefield nearby, please drop in on the Intergalactic Bus Stop and tell Chris I said “Hello.” There might just be a story for our George Knapp there. Thanks to you and Ryan from AZdot for writing.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and, please put down that phone.

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