LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – How to ask for a stop sign or traffic signal. We get a lot of emails about specific intersections, like this:

Viewer Diana writes:

“Exiting on to Decatur from any street between Blue Diamond and Warm Springs is like stepping out into the wild, wild west! We’ve been asking for a stop sign or a traffic signal on Windmill for a few years now. There’s also a backup trying to get on to Blue Diamond from Arville and with only one turn lane, it can take a couple of cycles. We’ve been asking for a second turn lane.”

So Diana – and anyone having an issue with any intersection – I can’t guarantee that anything will happen, but both the City of Las Vegas and Clark County have online services where they WANT you to let them know about stuff like this.

For Clark County’s “FixIt” page, click – – – > HERE

For the City of Las Vegas issue reporting page, click – – – > HERE

I can tell you that people using the county’s “FixIt” service helped get those “all way” stop signs put in at Desert Inn and Theme Road around that new bridge in the far east valley.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and please put down that phone

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