What’s Driving You Crazy? – Fri. Apr. 13, 2018

Driving You Crazy

LAS VEGAS – Project Neon’s taking down another Spaghetti Bowl area bridge. Trying to get around MLK and the 95 could be Driving You Crazy this weekend.

It’s a double-whammy on MLK at the 95. First, the ramp from the SOUTHbound 95 to MLK, and, second, the MLK onramp to NORTHbound US 95will be unavailable starting at 10 Friday night and running until 5 Monday morning. A couple of lanes of southbound MLK will also be taken away (from Bonanza north of the freeway to Mineral, just south of the freeway).

The detour has you using Bonanza north of the freeway, Alta on the south, with Rancho and MLK for north/south travel.

These closures are all about that bridge demolition. NDOT (the Nevada Dept of Transportation) says it’s a combination of age and the need for more traffic capacity. But they want to make sure you know the debris and rubble from the demolition gets crushed and reused as fill material elsewhere on Project Neon and is NOT going to into any landfill. NDOT is committed to recycling, sustainability and improving the environment.

If there’s something driving YOU crazy, send me an email: traffic8@lasvegasnow.com. Snail-mail works, too: 3228 Channel 8 Drive in Las Vegas, 89109.

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