What’s driving you crazy: Freeway on-ramps

Driving You Crazy

Kyra is concerned about one particular set of freeway on-ramps in the southeast valley.

She writes: “The Flamingo eastbound on ramp to 515 has too many issues with people failing to read signs and crossing solid lines, when it clearly states (even on the lanes themselves) that northbound 515 has a dedicated “exit only” lane and both directions are separated by a solid white line. Even with two big signs as well as instructions on the road for both entrances, people keep crossing the solid line from northbound to southbound.”

We took some video from the Regional Transportation Commission’s FASTcam there, and it looked like drivers were following the signs without shifting lanes at the last minute. That being said, this set of freeway ramps is different from what an unaccustomed driver might be expecting, so there *can* be confusion there.

For most freeway entrances there’s an exit to one direction on the 95/515, with the entrance to the other direction a little further up, and often-times requiring a left turn.

Tony Illia from the Nevada Dept of Transportation. He’s got some ideas as to why the ramps were designed that way, but is checking the history books to make sure, so we’ll let you know when he gets back to us.

We know there have been crashes there, but the interchange probably won’t be changing any time soon, so the best we can hope for is what we always ask of drivers: pay attention to all the signs as you approach every intersection or interchange and hope that your fellow drivers are doing the same. Thanks for watching and taking the time to write in.

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