LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – This is about a viewer who missed the responses to a long-running Driving You Crazy email chain.

Ruth writes: “I never heard the answers when someone asked ‘Why, at a stop light, do people let a space of one to two cars happen in front of them?’” Ruth says “I could drive sideways through these nuts.”

Ruth- I got more emails about this than almost evrything else besides speeders, slow drivers in the fast lane and cars with expired tags – or no tags.

Most responses were along the lines of “one car length between cars is a safety precaution because I’ve been rear-ended and don’t want to slam into the car in front of me.”

Brad expanded on the financial implications:

“A car hits you from behind causing you to hit the person in front of you making YOU buy HIM a new car. Who knows if the guy that hit you has insurance to fix your car or your front person’s car? Do you have thousands of dollars to buy the guy in front a car and pay $70,000 for their medical bills?”

Terri – who says “I’m not a psychologist” – theorized it could be “a subconscious transference of drivers social distancing.”

And we’ll close with Linda who maybe nailed it on why the wide open spaces:

“In a hurry to stop and text, everyone’s head is looking down at their crotch at a signal!”

Ruth, thanks for writing in. Here are the earlier “Driving You Crazy” stories:

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