LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Could this be the last of the Formula 1 repaving project on and around the Las Vegas strip?

The biggest upcoming bottleneck is “only” scheduled for four hours, but it’s been a rough ride all around the area for months.

For tomorrow, we’re talking about Harmon being closed both eastbound and westbound at The Strip from 7 until 11 in the morning. The Formula 1 folks say nearby streets will be open on a “rolling basis” – but the way things have gone there, there may not be much rolling.

And there’s plenty of other repaving pain to go around.

They’re warning drivers to “watch out” around The Sphere this Friday as well as some other dates in September.

They say there’s more work coming to Koval between Harmon and Sands all of next week.

And while technically there’s no Formula 1 track work scheduled for September, you should know that with on-site work on the paddock all next month both Harmon and Koval may still see disruptions.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and, please put down that phone!

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