LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – This is going to affect thousands of drivers every day around I-15 and the 215 Southern Beltway.

Clark County’s project to widen the 215 Southern Beltway between I-15 and Jones means you’re going to have to find other ways of getting on the beltway from the 15.

I-15 drivers looking to go west on the southern beltway will wiggle around Las Vegas Blvd to take Warm Springs or Sunset as detours to Decatur to get on the 215.

Southbound drivers on those lanes west of the 15 are urged to take Russell Road to Decatur for beltway access.

Temporary Las Vegas Blvd ramps opened over the weekend that will supposedly be in place for a year so new bridges can be built around the existing ramps. Good luck.

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