What’s Driving You Crazy – Feb. 21, 2018

Driving You Crazy

HENDERSON, NV – In a previous “Driving You Crazy” story we learned that the City of Henderson says all options are on the table when it comes to untangling the traffic tie-ups on Eastern between the 215 and Horizon Ridge. And that includes the possibility of completely revamping the freeway-like crossing at St Rose Parkway.

Henderson City Engineer Tom Davy told us about the possibility of a flyover there. and that Eastern itself *could* someday become a super-arterial, similar to Desert Inn Road in Las Vegas. But Tom says they’re not just looking at north-south options: “Some of the east-west corridors that the city is currently addressing is. . we are building a segment of Sunridge Heights Parkway between 7 Hills Drive and Executive Airport Drive. so that should draw some of the traffic away from the Eastern Avenue corridor out to the west.

That *is* going to happen. and it’s going to be huge, but it, too, isn’t happening right away. and back to St. Rose, which Davy says *isn’t* controlled by the City of Henderson: “The Nevada Dept of Transportation, as well as Clark County, are currently performing other studies in that same general area, so we’re going to go ahead and link the results of our studies up with theirs in order to decide how best to implement improvements.”

Whatever decisions are made, the price tag alone may not be a prohibitive factor. Why? Tom Davy: “One of the benefits of the recently passed fuel revenue indexing are these types of projects where we’ll be able to leverage those dollars to increase mobility for the residents of Henderson..It was the ballot initiative that was passed by the voters in November of 2016. and that is allowing a lot of these transit projects to move forward.”

On that Sunridge Heights extension from 7 Hills Drive to Airport Executive Drive: That’s going to take place in two phases, starting with the stretch from 7 Hills to Maryland Pkwy. The Henderson folks tell me they hope to start that construction sometime this spring, wrapping up about 6 months later

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