LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A limited edition return engagement of deja vu all over again

The idea of the Nevada Dept of Transportation shutting down Eastern under the 95/515 shouldn’t be a shocker. It’s already happened a couple of times as work continues on what’s officially known as the “I-515 Rehabilitation Project” that we affectionately call “The Big Squeeze.”

What’s different about the upcoming closure is the duration: much shorter. Instead of a full work week of workarounds, this one is scheduled to last less than 24 hours. Starting at 8 tonight, crews will be doing more on the reconstruction of the freeway bridge over Eastern. Drivers are supposed to get those lanes back at noon tomorrow.

And even though it’ll probably still come as a shocker when it happens, if I keep saying it often enough it might not be so bad: this project is completely separate from what will eventually be the reconstruction of the entire 95/515 in this area. That project will make the big squeeze seem quaint.

We’ve got the link to n-dot’s long-term “Downtown Access Project” on our website, Click “Traffic, then “Driving You Crazy.”

Buckle up, drive carefully – and, please put down that phone

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