What’s Driving You Crazy? – Drivers not using their turn signal

Driving You Crazy

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Even if this was the only thing I talked about every single day forever, it still wouldn’t change much – and it’s not just driving me crazy.

It’s driving viewer Marianne crazy, too. She writes:

“Please tell drivers to use their blinker juice!! I thought all cars now have blinkers but I see way too many cars not using them. I remember when we had to use hand signals. Now it is sooo easy. Is it lazy or are they on the phone???”

I sure wish I knew, Marianne. I’ll go ahead and be optimistic and hope against hope that mentioning it again for the bajilliondy-ith time just might – maybe – sink into the skull of even *one* offending driver.

And not just at intersections. You’d be amazed at the difference when you signal that you’re about to – – change lanes. Imagine that!

My wife reposted a facebook picture from the popular N-P-R “Car Talk” show’s page. It’s an overhead sign that must have been from the Boston area: “Use ya blinkah.” Got it?

Buckle up, drive carefully – and PLEASE PUT DOWN THAT PHONE

If there’s something that’s really driving YOU crazy, email me: traffic8@8newsnow.com.

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