LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Distracted driving awareness month was last month. I meant to talk about it then. Like a lot of us, I got distracted. But seriously, Pam Shadel-Fischer from the Governors Highway Safety Association says more and more of us are at least owning up to being distracted:

“Half of the driving public is saying, ‘Hey, y’know: I admit it. I do take a call. I text. I do this while I’m driving.’ And it does increase the risk substantially. These are preventable things. We can stop this behavior. We can prevent these crashes form happening – and we can save lives.”

What else can we do? Shadel-Fischer adds:

“People might say, ‘Well, yeah, I have an anti-texting law, but I still do it.’ But many people don’t. We know that laws do help with compliance. They also help with enforcement. We need to give officers the ability to pull over that driver if they are engaged in that risky behavior.”

The Governors Highway Safety Association is a nationwide group working to connect each state’s highway safety programs, so it’s not a direct part of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s administration. I also talked with a safety strategist from General Motors, and I’ll share her thoughts in an upcoming report.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and, please put down that phone

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