LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Making sure you caught an 8NewsNow update on how the “diverging diamond” on Tropicana is “Driving You Crazy,”

In a 30 minute time frame Friday, reporter Ryan Matthey saw not one, not two, but three wrong way drivers there. If you drive the way you used to – or the way you think you still should – despite the signs and the arrows on the road – you’ll be going the wrong way. Here’s how diverging diamond traffic is supposed to move [see video above].

Some advice from Nevada Dept of Transportation spokesman Justin Hopkins:

“Don’t necessarily just follow the car in front of you. Because if the car in front of you makes the wrong movement you don’t want to just follow them blindly. Really pay attention and understand where you’re supposed to go.”

And some more advice: if this is all too confusing, why not just skip Tropicana altogether? You should be able to get where you want to go by using either Russell Rd to the south or Flamingo to the north.

The diverging diamond set up will be in place for upwards of a year and half until the all new Trop debuts with four lanes in each direction – and no diverging diamond – either late next year or in 2025.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and – please put down that phone!

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