LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – An update on the project that will be even bigger than the Big Squeeze was on the 95/515.

The logo should look familiar for the Nevada Dept of Transportation’s “Downtown Access Project,” otherwise known as NDOT/DAP.

The project will bring huge construction changes on the 95 and 95/515 from Rancho west of The Spaghetti Bowl over to Pecos.

The ”Big Squeeze” was all about making the old freeway safer. NDOT/DAP will see a complete rebuild of the area, with multiple options on the table: from putting the freeway on the ground, to keeping it above ground but shifting it either north or south of the current layout.

The update is that NDOT has opened an office where you can learn more about the project. It’s in the newly renovated City of Las Vegas “East Las Vegas Community Center” at Eastern and Stewart, just south of the freeway.

Don’t expect to see cranes or construction equipment any time soon. The current timeline has that happening closer to the end of the decade.

To visit the NDOT/DAP web page, click – – – > HERE.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and please put down that phone!

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