HENDERSON, NV ( KLAS ) – A solution to a viewer’s email about a busy intersection in Henderson.

Randy has a lot to say about multiple crashes at Bermuda and Erie, just up the street from Liberty High School in Henderson. He writes:

“With no traffic signal the intersection is challenging and confusing for drivers and pedestrians. There are also no crosswalks or pedestrian signals, particularly dangerous for children and the elderly.”

He included pictures of a recent crash there.

Randy, the City of Henderson’s Madeleine Skains tells me the intersection of Bermuda and Erie is in the design phase for the installation of a traffic signal, which she says is a process that can average anywhere between 9 months and a year to complete.

So maybe not as fast a solution as you might like, Randy, but it does sound like change is on the way. Thanks for writing in, and keep us posted on the progress.

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