CALIENTE, NV ( KLAS ) – A friendly highway 93 note from a northerly neighbor

Susan from Caliente writes:

“Greetings to all who travel the rural highways of southern Nevada.

You may think you are in the middle of nowhere along the Pahranagat Reservoir, but this is our ‘main street.’

Please be patient and courteous when driving through our lovely (very large) community.

Speeding and tailgating are dangerous up here. Hwy 93 is a narrow and winding road with little shoulder allowance, and that is mostly gravel.

Slow down and enjoy the ride. You’ll get to the wide open spaces once you’ve passed our area.

If we see you driving recklessly, we might pass right on by if you get stranded. We really are in the middle of nowhere when it comes to roadside services. There aren’t any.

Most folks in the area recognize friends and neighbors when we see them on the road. We will stop to help them. That’s probably one of the reasons they like living up here.”

Susan, thanks for writing in – and thanks for the refresher course on what most of Nevada is really all about.

Buckle up, drive carefully – and please put down that phone

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