LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – There are now new rules now in place when it comes to HOV lanes on Las Vegas freeways. And there’s already a twist.

The Nevada Dept of Transportation has been updating freeway signs to show that HOV lanes are no longer enforced 24/7. NDOT’s Justin Hokpins with the new rule:

“Two passengers or more in the HOV lanes between the hours of 5am and 10pm, 7 days a week. And then after 10pm and before 5am, those lanes are open to all drivers. So, anybody can use those lanes.”

But there’s already an exception to the new rule. We mentioned it on the air the other day: the HOV is open to everyone all the time between Spring Mountain all the way down to Silverado Ranch.

That’s the general area of NDOT’s huge I-15/Tropicana rebuild that will kick into high gear in January. Because of driver confusion about that free hov lane, Hopkins says:

“What we decided to do was make the availability lanes much longer, and we’re going to do some restriping. That double-white line will be gone for that entire stretch. That will all be done before Thanksgiving.”

Hopkins also has some great information about how NDOT knows how many people are – or aren’t – in cars that are using the HOV lanes. We’ll have that in our next “Driving You Crazy” report.

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