LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Maybe you need a reminder to stay away from Cheyenne both east and west of US95 in the northwest valley.

As the kids say, “If ya know, you know.” The City of Las Vegas has been working on sewer installations there for months, taking eastbound Cheyenne down to one lane from Buffalo to the 95, making it hard to go south on Tenaya from westbound Cheyenne. And still messing with Cheyenne east of the freeway.

Well, this weekend, you won’t be able to get to Cheyenne from northbound US95. The city is closing the off ramp from 9 this evening and scheduled to run until 6 Monday morning as part of the project that seems like it’ll never end.

So maybe write yourself a sticky note to get off the north 95 at either Lake Mead or Craig.

There’s a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel: the City of Las Vegas says the project is supposed to be finished by the end of next month.

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