What’s Driving You Crazy? – A viewer upset about cheaters using the HOV lane

Driving You Crazy

Monday, December 7, 2020

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A viewer email about more than single occupant cars in the h-o-v lane.

In this case, Terry is concerned about access to the southbound 95 from Elkhorn, writing:

“I thought the HOV on-ramp is reserved for cars with more than one occupant. Most of the vehicles getting on the freeway there only have one occupant, and once on they quickly move over to the regular travel lanes. It’d be easier for me to get on the 95 at Elkhorn, but I am usually by myself and don’t want to get a ticket. Seeing all those single occupant vehicles getting on the freeway there is driving me crazy. It makes me feel like I am wasting my time driving all the way up to Durango just to get on the south 95 freeway. What gives?”

NDOT’s Tony Illia writes:

“The driver is correct: the HOV onramp from Elkhorn to southbound 95 is reserved for vehicles with two or more people, including buses, carpools and vanpools, as well as motorcycles and first responders. I would encourage the viewer to take advantage of the HOV lanes.”

Tony goes on to make a plug for the Regional Transportation Commission’s “Club Ride” program, where drivers going the same place at the same time can be connected.

Terry, I hope this helps. Thanks to you and to NDOT’s Tony Illia for writing.

Buckle up, drive carefully & please put down that phone!

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